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Specializing in industrial sheet metal fabrication, RG Smith Company is here to help your industrial businesses improve operations.  R.G. Smith Company handles the design, construction and installation of numerous steel industrial needs. From below your industrial foundation to above your roof, RG Smith safely oversees all operations to expand and improve your operations.

With shops and offices in Canton, Dover and Mansfield, the R.G. Smith Company serves the greater Ohio region. Committed to a safe work environment for our employees and yours, we practice only the safest policies possible. This includes not only the actual onsite construction and assembly RG Smith oversees, but also for any preparation abatement assessment which may be required.

Industrial additions and modifications to industrial facilities take a degree of precision and are only to be undertaken by professionals in the industry. Or maybe you need a new dust collecting system for your plant.  R.G. Smith customizes our onsite estimates to optimize your business operations. We visit your worksite for the most accurate assessment of your individual steel erection, industrial piping installations, refractory services and roofing services.

Ohio Sheet Metal Fabrication

We have designed, developed and installed custom industrial sheet metal for modification and expansion for numerous warehouses and production plants across a range of industries.  Our highest profile clients include production plants for such names as Frito-Lay, Fresh Mark and Smuckers, among many others.

R.G. Smith Company is seasoned in pipe welding, installation and fabrication, ensuring only quality industrial piping is implemented for the safe operation in your facilities. Bringing to your project over 100 years of combined experience in the mechanical industry, we have an in-house fabrication shop to custom design everything from boilers to chemical pipes to chillers.

From total rebuilds to an array of specialized repairs, R.G. Smith engineers have extensive depth in refractory construction. Having contracted for iron and steel companies, chemical plants, businesses in the brick industry and cement companies, we can handle all your needs when it comes to your combustible equipment items. Whether it’s your heaters or boilers, your furnaces or reformers, acid plant or refinery that needs attention, we have the tools to redesign and repair your utilities.

Industrial Roofing Services

R.G. Smith extensive roofing services for industrial businesses run the gamut from emergency repair, to complete tear off and replacement, to helping you decide on and install the roof for your new build. Our experts can help you select the right roofing solution for your plant or building, providing a quality and dependable roofing solution. Installing everything from single ply to metal panels based on your determined specific needs, we contract for such big names in roofing as Johns Manville, FiberTite, Firestone, Building Products, Duralast Roofing Systems, Derbigum and more.  We also perform the installation of custom gutters, standing seam roof installation and leak repairs.

Whether big or small, everything needs a solid foundation to standup against what the world has in store. And given the elements structures in seasonal climates are expected to withstand, a foundation of more than just poured concrete walls are needed.  For your new build, you’re going to need not only a solid foundation, but one that can adapt and expand as temperatures greatly range from season to season.

A building is only as strong as the foundation it is built on. R.G. Smith Company has poured several thousand cubic yards of concrete for heavy machine equipment foundations for hundreds of projects. We implement best practices for thermal correction from the pit to the headers and everything in between. From the initial excavation, to the pouring and paving of concrete, we ensure every step of the project is correctly executed for years of stability and money savings.

R.G. Smith Company has the expertise, experience and equipment needed to help other companies build, maintain or improve their work plants through our steel erection services.  Whether you’re in need of a better transfer system in your warehouse or just reached your limit pouring repair costs into an ineffective roof, we offer the services you need. Regardless of your specific needs, R.G. Smith Company can help. If you would like to learn more about how R.G. Smith Company can improve the functionality and configuration of your workplace, please contact us today.


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Canton: ( Phone: 330-456-3415)
Dick Nicely – President
Geoff Nicely – C.O.O.
Randy Frank – Sheet Metal Division
Mike Black – Industrial Division (Concrete & Steel)
Dave Rock – Roofing
Dave Dennison – Safety Manager

Mansfield: (Phone: 419-524-4778)
Rick Reece – Mansfield Division