Millwright & Rigging Services

Rick Reece
Mansfield Division Manager
Randy Bechtel
Mansfield Project Manager
Mike Wilgus
Mansfield Project Manager

If you need to move, relocate or reconfigure the layout of your building, it is important to professionally disassemble and transport your equipment. R. G. Smith Company provides professional rigging and millwright services to help companies in any industry easily remove, transport or relocate their equipment. With the right equipment in the hands of experienced professionals, we can help you move, remove, reconfigure or relocate any systems.

If you are relocating your company or you are adding new systems and you need to change the layout of your facility, properly deconstructing your systems is just as important as properly reconstructing them. To prevent damages to your machines and injuries to your workers, enlist the help of experienced millwrights to disassemble your systems and reassemble them properly.

Technicians at R. G. Smith Company will save you time as you relocate or reconfigure your system, while protecting the integrity of your equipment. This may include the relocation of a few machines or systems to a different part of the plant, or it may include the complete relocation of your facility to a new building. Whatever you require, we will assist in the disassembly and reassembly of pumps, gearboxes, motors, controls, bearings and more. With extensive experience in electrical, plumbing and mechanical processes, our engineers will safely move, repair or reinstall all types of equipment.

To move, repair or relocate your equipment at a facility in or around Mansfield, call 419-524-4778 today for more information.

Plant Maintenance:

  • New and existing equipment installation, maintenance and repair
  • Laser alignment of pumps, gearboxes, motors and controls
  • Gears-Sprockets and shaft turning
  • Bearings, Motors-Gearbox replacement
  • Lifting and rigging

Machinery & Equipment Moving:

  • Salvage and Removal of Equipment and Machinery
  • Rigging and dismantling of Equipment and entire process lines
  • Relocation of equipment and machinery
  • Installation of existing and new equipment
  • Complete Plant relocation