Plant Maintenance

With our extensive knowledge and familiarity of our customer’s processes and applications, the R. G. Smith Piping Division prides itself on providing expert preventative maintenance to maintain the day to day operations at our customer’s facilities.

By strengthening the relationships with our customers and working closely with their engineers and maintenance personnel, we are able to keep their operating costs down by recommending and performing timely maintenance procedures that will ensure the optimal performance of their manufacturing processes.

We provide our customers with 24/7 care and service which gives them the added peace of mind, knowing that day or night, we will be able to respond to their needs whenever an emergency may arise. We also work in conjunction with several major supply facilities that recognize our round the clock service and this enables the R. G. Smith Piping Division to acquire the needed materials on short notice.

Providing plant maintenance to our customer’s in a safe, efficient and reliable manner is always our top priority, and The R. G. Smith Piping Division has implemented safe work practices to ensure the highest compliance to our safety standards and those of our customers. Whether it’s onsite discussions, evaluations and customer feedback to the latest updates on safety procedures, our employees have the knowledge and confidence to safely perform the tasks at hand while maintaining their personal safety.