A Stable Foundation Imperative to Max Potential

Commercial Excavation Building a sound foundation is vital to the longevity and durability of a building. But it’s more than just digging down a few hundred feet and filling in the area with concrete. The ground must be surveyed, and foundation must be implemented where it belongs for long-term stability. And, you can’t build this type of successful foundation without first excavating properly.


This first step of the building process is often overlooked, but it can be the most crucial. Without properly excavating the site, foundation can be inadequately built. Proper excavation includes digging deep enough to bypass the soft soil or sand that exists underneath the grass. A good excavation also includes testing patches of soil for moisture and water levels.


Foundation needs to be installed into bedrock or very solid, compacted soil for long-term support of the building. For example, if a foundation in built into the soft, high layers of soil, it will likely cause settling in the foundation materials and the building itself. This can further lead to cracks in the foundation, shifting of the building structure and even slanted floors and compacted windows. If a foundation is built into soil with high moisture levels, the soil is more likely to shift and less likely to support building materials appropriately.


Excavating deep enough will allow contractors to build the foundation right into the bedrock, which is a much more stable ground. Bedrock and compact soil can support the weight of the building and prevent structural problems in the future. This type of excavation and foundation are needed when constructing any type of home or business that you want to last for many years to come, without any structural issues.


Improper excavation not only causes structural problems like we mentioned before (cracking and slanting), but also can cause these problems that are expensive to fix. It can cost thousands to millions of dollars to have the foundation of a building repaired along with all its negative impacts. Completing the first step of excavation correctly sets the whole project up for success and years of use without problems.


Each city, state and region has different soil, which is impacted by different types of weather. Additionally, each excavation and construction is unique from previous and future projects. Digging deep enough and well enough to effectively place the foundation is the first and foremost procedure of construction. When done well, it will benefit the building owners for years, whereas if done wrong, can haunt them with structural and financial problems.

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