Category: Foundation repair

When to Worry About Foundation Cracks

Finding a crack in your building’s foundation can be scary, and immediately makes you worry about the safety of your structure and the people inside of it – not to mention the potentially huge expense of fixing a foundation. Some cracks, though, are nothing to worry about, while others do need immediate attention. How do… Read more »

Protecting or Repairing a Concrete Foundation from Moisture

Water, water everywhere … is the last thing you want to hear when it comes to your building’s foundation. A properly constructed concrete foundation will provide not only structural stability, but also prevent moisture from eroding walls or getting in to create an environment where mold and pests can thrive. While we build all of… Read more »

Stabilizing a Concrete Foundation no Cake Walk

There are a series of steps that must be taken to properly install and complete a concrete foundation. If steps are skipped or your foundation is not professionally poured, the structure will show signs of instability and start to crumble. The foundation is the most important component to a building’s stability. A properly poured concrete… Read more »

A Stable Foundation Imperative to Max Potential

Building a sound foundation is vital to the longevity and durability of a building. But it’s more than just digging down a few hundred feet and filling in the area with concrete. The ground must be surveyed, and foundation must be implemented where it belongs for long-term stability. And, you can’t build this type of… Read more »

The Foundation to a Happy Home Starts from the Ground

A correctly poured cement foundation is the cornerstone to any solid building foundation. Making sure this is the most professionally installed component to your home is crucial to your happiness and saving you a lot of money. This will determine how stable your investment can possibly remain and for how long. A crumbling foundation, whether… Read more »