Benefits of Condensate Recovery

Industries that use steam can realize a number of benefits from condensate recovery. Recovering and reusing condensate can provide both financial and environmental benefits. It may be worth considering condensate recovery if your business is not already using this technology.

Condensate RecoveryCondensate is a term for the liquid that develops as steam cools and changes state. The steam cools as its heat energy is transferred to the equipment or piping. As steam condenses, the temperature of the condensate remains the same as that of the steam. Condensate recovery can take advantage of this by recapturing and reusing the energy of the already-heated condensate.

An equivalent amount of steam that is supplied to equipment needs to be discharged as condensate.  The question then is whether to waste this condensate discharge or to recover it for reuse.

There are a number of possible uses for recovered condensate. A few of these uses include hot water for cleaning, reusing as flash steam, pre-heating a heating system, or using heated feedwater to help with the boiler at your business.

There are many benefits to condensate recovery.  Not surprisingly, condensate recovery can reduce fuel usage and costs. The heat contained in condensate can equal as much as 30 percent of the heat energy in the steam, according to TLV. Using condensate as feedwater for the boiler can reduce fuel usage by as much as 20 percent.

Recovering and reusing condensate can also result in environmental benefits. Saving condensate and using it in place of cold water can reduce energy expenditures in boilers, while costs for water treatment or purification can also be reduced. Additionally, the reduced fuel used on heating water in the boiler means fewer emissions and less atmospheric pollution.

An essential part of any condensate recovery system is the piping. At R.G.Smith Co., we have an experienced team of engineers and project managers who can help your company take advantage of the benefits of condensate recovery and install the necessary condensate piping systems in your business. Contact us today in Canton at 330-456-3415 or in Mansfield at 419-524-4778 to learn more about our industrial piping services.

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