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Examining the Process of Process Piping

If you look on the inside or outside of any industrial facility, you will likely see a complex system of piping that seems to be running all over the place. Have you ever wondered what those pipes are actually for? It varies, depending upon the specific type of facility you’re at, but in general, the… Read more »

The Importance of Testing Industrial Piping

If you own or operate an industrial facility, then you are probably at the mercy of the industrial pipes that are installed in it. Those pipes are, in many ways, the lifeblood of your entire facility. If they don’t do their job, it could shut down your operation and force you to do the necessary… Read more »

Keeping Pipes from Freezing at Your Industrial Facility

Although the winter months do have their little charms, there are downsides. Freezing temperatures and inescapable ice can cause all kinds of havoc, especially with your pipes. Pipes don’t just freeze at home, and business plumbing is just as susceptible to this frustrating and sometimes very costly issue. Frozen pipes can happen in any plumbing… Read more »

Common Causes of Hydraulic Failures

Hydraulic lines are used in a variety of industrial and mechanical applications. When these lines fail, they not only interrupt operations, but may also present risks of damage or injuries as well. Identifying the common causes of hydraulic failures is an important step in making necessary improvements to reduce the likelihood of premature failures. Many… Read more »

Benefits of Condensate Recovery

Industries that use steam can realize a number of benefits from condensate recovery. Recovering and reusing condensate can provide both financial and environmental benefits. It may be worth considering condensate recovery if your business is not already using this technology. Condensate is a term for the liquid that develops as steam cools and changes state…. Read more »

Thinking of Converting to Natural Gas? We Can Help!

*Businesses across the country use a variety of ways to heat their building. Some may use electric or propane systems, while others may use natural gas. If you are one of the many owners who have thought about switching over to natural gas but are unsure if it’s the right choice for you, some recent… Read more »

Preventing Frozen Pipes in an Industrial Building

With freezing temperatures comes freezing pipes, and especially in industrial buildings, it’s important to take precautions to prevent frozen pipes and the damage that they can potentially cause to your plumbing. When temperatures drop and the water running through your pipes freezes, that water expands, meaning that if there are any weak spots in the… Read more »

Piping Project? Let Us Handle It!

Making sure the piping in your building is installed and operating properly is important to your company’s success. Poorly planned or installed pipes could lead to a litany of problems. If you’re looking for someone that can handle your new piping installation or rerouting needs, R.G. Smith Company has you covered. Certified Welding Our welding… Read more »

Tips to Help Prevent Freezing, Burst Pipes this Winter

Winter temperatures can plague industrial business owners with a swath of cold-weather problems. For example, your building may have a more difficult time keeping warm if you have a lot of traffic in and out. However, frosty temps outside – and even inside – can lead to a more troublesome issue: burst pipes. When the… Read more »