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Celebrating the Use of Stainless Steel

Today, we’re accustomed to seeing stainless steel.  Structures, silverware, jewelry and other common items use stainless steel as their primary material because of its versatility and usefulness.  For RGS Contractors, our projects are a lot smaller of a scale then some of the iconic stainless steel structures we’ve seen across the world, but still, the… Continue Reading

Steel VS. Wood Framing

Steel VS. Wood Framing

For many years, most houses were built with lumber being the most popular material with which to frame homes. Although steel framing has been used in construction, its use has previously been limited to mostly commercial building projects. With lumber becoming less available and issues of sustainability surrounding concern over the environment and the cutting… Continue Reading

Steel Structure In London To Leave A Lifetime Impression

  Structural steel is erected across the world daily. It provides a foundation for many of the buildings and structures we see all over. More infrequently, however, we see steel structures purposefully constructed to leave a lasting impression. They often become iconic structures, tourist destinations and national landmarks, like the Eifel Tower or Statue Of… Continue Reading