Concrete Vs. Steel


Selecting the proper construction material is the first step to having a successful project. One of the most deliberated questions Ohio Concrete Foundationsthat builders ask themselves is if they should use steel or concrete. The pros and cons of each material can affect the cost, schedule, and quality of the final product.


Known as the safer choice, concrete, has the ability to protect against fire and impacts. Where this material strives in quality, it has disadvantages associated with cost and time.  This material can cause longer construction times, which can be prone to climate changes and a delay in completion.


Steel on the other hand is known as a time-saving construction material.  By choosing steel, you expect less overhead costs and reduced construction times.  However, the fabrication and delivery of steel can take up to 10 months, which is one of the few cons.


There will never be a definite answer as to whether a builder should choose steel or concrete. The specifications of the project can lend more insight into which construction material is more fit in terms of the affordability, schedule, and the quality control it can provide.


In the end, consider the building’s function and requirements.  Those will determine whether to choose concrete or steel.



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