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Winning the War: Concrete Good for Combat and Construction

When Major John Spencer was deployed to Iraq as an infantry soldier back in 2008, he knew that he would learn a lot about war and everything that goes along with it. What he didn’t know, according to a piece he penned for the Modern War Institute at West Point, was that he would also… Read more »

Concrete vs. Cement – Knowing the Difference

Many people don’t know the difference between concrete and cement or use the two terms interchangeably. There are several distinct differences between the two substances, however. Let’s take a look at a few of the differentiating factors that make the two materials unique. For starters, cement is actually an ingredient of concrete, meaning cement is… Read more »

The Benefits of a Concrete Foundation

Most homes in the United States are built on concrete slabs. There are a few great reasons for this; they are inexpensive, mostly weather-proof, and easily installed. Concrete is also termite proof, which is highly important in many areas of the country that are still populated with many older homes built on wood foundations now… Read more »

Concrete Vs. Steel

  Selecting the proper construction material is the first step to having a successful project. One of the most deliberated questions that builders ask themselves is if they should use steel or concrete. The pros and cons of each material can affect the cost, schedule, and quality of the final product.   Known as the… Read more »