Importance of Roof Vents at Commercial Properties

Importance of Roof Vents at Commercial PropertiesProper roof ventilation is of utmost importance in any kind of building, no matter if it’s a residence or a commercial structure. In a commercial property, however, bad roof ventilation can do serious harm, and even worse, you may not notice the issues caused by poor roof ventilation at a commercial property as quickly as you might at home.

Poor roof ventilation can cause serious damage to your building, including mold growth, water leakage, frost on sheathing and excessive heat in the attic or ceiling rafters. All of these issues – especially mold growth and water leakage – can be very expensive to repair.

Your commercial ventilation system works by allowing the heat that gets trapped inside the uppermost parts of the building to escape, while not letting cold air filter back in. During the summer months, hot air accumulates near the roof of buildings – often incredibly humid air, as well, which is very rich in moisture. This moisture can then condense in the high points of your structure, helping promote mold growth and even causing decay and rot in structural elements of the roof.

During the winter months, your roof ventilation system works in the same way, allowing warmer air to escape through the roof vent and helping to balance the temperatures between inside and outdoors. If hot air collects and remains right under the roof of a building – especially during a snowstorm – it can cause some areas of the snow to melt. If some parts of the roof are hot enough to cause melting, but other parts are not – especially near the roof edges – you’ll be stuck dealing with water accumulation, ice buildup, leaky patches and possibly even roof collapse from the weight of all this excess ice and moisture on your roof as it refreezes instead of draining off.

Certain commercial properties require different roof ventilation treatments, and as a local company, we know exactly the kinds of conditions that we run into here in Ohio. We can use our knowledge of predominant snowfall and temperature conditions to help you design the ideal roof ventilation system that can help you avoid snow and water collection or mold and moisture problems.

Your roof should always have an even temperature, and roof ventilation systems are what helps to achieve that. Whether you’re building a new commercial building or replacing a worn roof, keeping in mind your roof ventilation systems is extremely important. If you’re not quite sure where to start, the experts at R.G. Smith Company can help you out. Call us today at our Canton office at 330-456-3415 or in Mansfield at 419-524-4778 to learn more about our full range of roofing services.

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