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Ventilation is Vital During the Summer Months

Summer heat can be stifling, and is especially concerning for those who work in industrial buildings that are not climate controlled. Temperatures inside industrial buildings can reach dangerous levels during summer months, potentially putting employees at risk of heat-related illness or injury. Effective ventilation is vital during the summer months to maintain a safe work… Read more »

Specialized Ventilation Components and Requirements by Industry

Ventilation systems are incredibly important for industrial facilities. Not only do they help clean the air, they help protect the people that work inside. With many industrial sites working with potentially harmful chemicals or needing to keep air flow carefully controlled to protect chemical reactions or food production, it is absolutely critical that the ventilation… Read more »

Importance of Roof Vents at Commercial Properties

Proper roof ventilation is of utmost importance in any kind of building, no matter if it’s a residence or a commercial structure. In a commercial property, however, bad roof ventilation can do serious harm, and even worse, you may not notice the issues caused by poor roof ventilation at a commercial property as quickly as… Read more »

Let Us Help With Your Industrial Process Ventilation

Many industrial processes require a top ventilation system to remove particles from the air that can be harmful, and R.G. Smith Company specializes in sheet metal, allowing us to create custom ventilation systems for nearly any set up. If your company has a process that involves a combination of coal dust, sinter, bagash, pulp, lime… Read more »

Good Ventilation Can Pre-Vent Problems

Having a reliable ventilation system is important in any type of building, but in some it is more crucial than others. Take, for example, restaurants, food processing facilities or industrial plants. Without proper ventilation, many commercial operations cannot ensure the safety of their employees or customers. Business owners cannot expect their companies to thrive –… Read more »