Inspecting and Preparing Your Roof this Fall

snippyWith autumn closing in and winter not too far behind it, the time has come to start prepping your business’ roof for the months ahead. There are several things to keep in mind to get your building’s roof ready for the inclement weather, especially if it is a flat-style construction.

Your first move as a business owner should be to have the roof inspected. Having a professional go through and inspect the roof will give you insights into the current condition of your roof and identify any potential issues that need to be addressed. That way you will be able to tackle any necessary maintenance or repairs early, ensuring your building doesn’t sustain any serious water or structural damage in the months ahead.

A professional inspector can also identify any areas where water might be able to find its way into your building. Early signs of wear or damage can lead to a slow leak which leads to more extensive damage over time to your roof as it begins to pool and eat away at the structures that support your roofing materials. If left unrepaired, these leaks can become much worse and allow water to get inside, leading to ceiling damage and corrosion as well. By having a professional find potential areas of concern before the damage occurs, you can stop water from becoming an issue down the road.

Before the weather worsens, you should also clean up your roof area as well. Those leaves on it right now don’t seem like something that would need your attention and you may even think cleaning them would be an unnecessary effort. The truth is, however, that if left alone, they can pile up, freeze and then block your roof drainage, resulting in more strain on your roof as autumn rains and winter snows begin to move in.

Once you get your roof inspected, the team at R.G. Smith Company can help with any repair, replacement or maintenance needs. Our staff offers numerous roofing services, including repairs and complete roof replacements to help keep your business protected. If you would like more information or to get an on-site estimate, call our Canton location at 330-456-3415 or our Mansfield location at 419-524-4778 today!

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