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Inspecting and Preparing Your Roof this Fall

With autumn closing in and winter not too far behind it, the time has come to start prepping your business’ roof for the months ahead. There are several things to keep in mind to get your building’s roof ready for the inclement weather, especially if it is a flat-style construction. Your first move as a… Read more »

Tough Winter? Spring Maintenance for Your Building’s Roof

With the last couple weeks of winter approaching, that means nicer weather is on the way. However, that also means the roofing on our companies buildings has taken some punishment from the cold season, especially here in Ohio where we experience extreme weather changes during the winter. So before any damage that has occurred turns… Read more »

Inspecting Your Roof Before Winter

Winter is right around the corner, which means that this is the time of year to make sure that your roof is ready for the snow and ice ahead. A quality roof is designed for decades or more, but problems can emerge, especially if there’s been extreme weather or animals making a mess of your… Read more »