New ‘Thirsty Concrete’ Could Transform Paving

It’s no secret that after a while, concrete takes a beating and starts to crack and break down. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest is water and its transformation into ice. However, there has been a recent advancement in concrete that could forever change how water affects it.

Thirsty ConcreteTarmac, a building material company in the United Kingdom, has created what’s being referred to as “Thirsty Concrete.” That’s because it is capable of absorbing up to 1,057 gallons of water in the first minute of being exposed to it. This is due to a permeable top layer with this concrete that allows water to drain through large pebbles on the surface down to a loose base of rubble at the bottom. The water is then led to a drainage system that empties out into reservoirs.

This concrete could come in very handy for areas that receive a great deal of water or snow. Effective drainage through the concrete would diminish ice damage and stop concrete from cracking and chipping, leading fewer potholes and more reliable roads. This would also save governments money from needing to pay for road repairs as often, freeing municipal funds for other initiatives.

Most helpful, this new concrete would be a major boon to helping flood-prone areas from damage. By allowing excess waters to drain through the concrete, it would serve as an effective tool in water management and channeling, alleviating flooding issues and leading to reduced water damage to homes and businesses positioned near roadways. It could even offer more simple benefits, such as removing puddles from sidewalks and trails or helping keep metro areas cool during high heat by allowing the stored water to evaporate and cool surface temperatures, according to a statement from the company.

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