Let Us Help With Your Industrial Process Ventilation

Many industrial processes require a top ventilation system to remove particles from the air that can be harmful, and R.G. Smith Company specializes in sheet metal, allowing us to create custom ventilation systems for nearly any set up. If your company has a process that involves a combination of coal dust, sinter, bagash, pulp, lime or another other materials that may get into the air, we can help you install, repair or expand your process ventilation system.

Industrial VentilationR.G. Smith Company can create a number of different systems that can help your company, from solid nose airfoils to modified radial designs that can help your business create the system that is perfect for your needs. The right process ventilation system combines industrial fans, ducts and natural ventilation to help create an environment that is both safe for employees and also friendly to the environment. Proper ventilation is also vital to the production process, helping to ensure that the products being made are not contaminated by these unwanted, airborne byproducts.

With fabrication shops in Canton and Mansfield, Ohio, R.G. Smith Company can handle jobs of nearly any size and ship them anywhere your business needs or even perform the full installation on site. We’ve done work for such companies as Frito-Lay, Shearer’s Foods, Fresh Mark, Smuckers and Brewster Dairy – among many others – meaning that we have experience with projects large and small and can help design the perfect system for any application.

Creating the right process ventilation system requires the proper amount of expertise. Each industry and each client likely has special requirements for their factory or the area in which the work is being performed, requiring a unique system for each business that is custom made and tailored for their environment. If your business needs help setting up, designing, repairing or maintaining a process ventilation system, contact R.G. Smith Company today.

Our experts work in a number of different areas of metal work, including many sheet metal fabrication projects beyond process ventilation. R.G. Smith Company is here to serve all your sheet metal needs. Give us a call today at either our Canton headquarters at 330-456-3415 or in Mansfield at 419-524-4778 to discuss your upcoming project or needs.

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