Pitch Perfect: Understanding the Pros and Cons

If you like music, you probably think of singing when the word “pitch” is mentioned. However, pitch has an entirely different meaning when it comes to your roof. A roof’s pitch is the steepness of the grade on the roof, and just like music, a roof can have a flat or sharp pitch, too.

New Pitched RoofA roof’s pitch is measured as the vertical rise divided by the horizontal span. This ratio indicates the number of inches a roof rises vertically for every 12 inches it runs horizontally. But why is the pitch of a roof important? Well, for starters, pitching helps redirect water and snow off the roof. You’re more likely to see flat roofs in arid climates like Arizona, New Mexico and southern California, while you’ll see higher roof pitches in snowy places like here in Ohio, Minnesota and upstate New York.

Though higher-pitched roofs can add to the cost of a building, they increase the total cubic footage and the maximum inside clearance. The extra volume provided lessens heat buildup while also shedding rain and snow quickly and efficiently. Since the pitch also channels the water off of the roof, it also means that roofs with a high pitch angle tend to have fewer problems with leaks than flat or low-pitch roofs.

Lower-pitched roofs require less material to build and they don’t cost as much as higher-pitched roofs. They give buildings a lower profile, meaning that they don’t stand out as much as buildings with higher-pitched roofs do. Less volume inside also means there is a smaller amount of total cubic footage inside, making it easier to heat and cool the building, which could potentially reduce energy costs.

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