Quick Fixes for Cracks in Your Driveway

Cracked Driveways Even though it is one of the strongest building materials, concrete is still susceptible to cracking, especially after extremely cold or wet conditions. These cracks can leave driveways, stairs and foundations not looking as great as they used to. If this is the case at your property, here are some tips to help repair some common cracks before they get to out of hand.


Small cracks in your driveway can look like a serious problem, but if they are caught early, they can be repaired and prevent the issue from escalating. To fix these cracks, first take a screwdriver or chisel and remove any loose debris around the crack. Proceed to clean the affected area with a wire brush and broom until any loose particles are completely removed. Then, using a putty knife, apply either a concrete patching compound or masonry crack filler to the concrete. Once the fill has set, finish off by applying a sealant to prevent the crack from opening again and spreading further through your driveway.


Cracks on the corners and edges of stairs can make your home look bad and can also be hazardous to anyone using them. To take care of these problems, start by using a sledgehammer to remove any loose concrete from the steps. Then, much like driveway repairs, clean the affected area with a wire brush and broom and hose the steps down to fully clear any loose debris. This cleaning helps ensure proper adhesion. After the steps have mostly dried, place two pieces of wood around the edge of the steps you’re going to be filling back in to brace their proper shape, then pour in premixed vinyl compound atop the damp steps and let it set. Once the fresh compound has formed, remove the wood bracers and enjoy your refreshed and reinforced stairs.


Foundation cracks can lead to serious issues with your home if they are not addressed. Large cracks can be symptoms of serious foundation problems and you should call in a professional immediately to ensure that you don’t end up with a catastrophic failure of the structure. On the other hand, smaller cracks are common and can be easily repaired to restore a smooth aesthetic. First, cut away the cracked with a chisel or sledgehammer. Then go ahead and clean away debris and spray a light mist of water over the crack – this will help the compound stick properly. Use a dry vinyl concrete patch powder and latex mixture to fill in the crack and smooth the mix with a trowel. You can then sweep the mix with a broom or shaping implement to blend it with the existing surfaces.

If you notice these issues or more serious concrete problems at your office of commercial building, then contact R.G. Smith Company today. We have handled numerous concrete installation projects across the greater Ohio area, and can perform comprehensive repairs, sealing and replacements of any concrete fixtures or structures at your property. To learn more about our services, give me a call today at our Canton location at 330-456-3415 or our Mansfield location at 419-524-4778.

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