Reduce Your Lighting Costs by Adding Skylights

When it comes to your business, your goal is to keep costs down, revenues up and your employees happy and productive. Would you believe that you could accomplish all of this simply by installing skylights in your roof?

That’s right. Skylights are a cost-friendly way to add more natural light into your building while also greatly cutting your electrical and lighting costs. How? Well, skylights allow natural light to fill your workspace, which eliminates the need of artificial lights for more hours of the day. Keeping more of your lights off and relying on sunlight means you’ll spend less money on electrical costs. Plus, natural light creates a warmer atmosphere for your employees.

SkylightsTips for Installing Skylights

It is true that skylights can cut your utility costs and create a more pleasant working environment, but you can only get the full advantage if you install them correctly. To get maximum results, make sure your panel orientation is correct, that you avoid any poor flashing work, and use a sufficient amount of sealant to prevent leaks. An improperly sealed skylight can negate your benefits by allowing out heat or letting water in, and the costs of having the installation repaired can cost you and having service workers back to repair leaks takes more time and money.

If at all possible, you want to install your skylights while your roofing system is being installed because retrofitting skylights into the roof can be much more difficult and can cause immediate issues. You also want to try your best to match your skylight variety to the profile of your roof, so installing a polycarbonate skylight into a roof with a metal profile can cause issues.

Avoid Issues with a Properly Installed Roof

Though retrofitting these skylights into an existing roof is an absolutely viable option, you should know the benefits of installing skylights during the construction of the roof. When you use the roofing services such as those provided by R.G. Smith Company, you know that you are getting a roof system installed that will save you money and that any skylights we install will be properly fitted and sealed, as well.

R.G. Smith offers many different roofing services including those involving metal panels, roof replacements, emergency repairs, custom-made gutters and more. If your roof is not holding up like it used to, or you are thinking of completing a overhaul and installing skylights, R.G. Smith has the resources to perform a complete roof tear off before installing a new roof that will save your time and money with the implementation of those excellent skylights.

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