Four Factors to Consider in a Refractory Contractor

Refractory Contractor Whether you need repairs made to your refractory boiler system or you need shotcrete installed, it’s important to leave the job in the capable hands of a company that specializes in refractory work. When it comes time to find a reputable refractory contractor to handle your job, there are a few requirements you need to be able to check off the list first. Let’s take a look at the top considerations to make when selecting a refractory contractor.

Track Record

When looking for a company that you can count on, finding someone you’ve never heard of in the phone book or can’t find any information about online can be a risky move. It’s important you choose a company that’s experienced and has a proven track record of success, satisfied customers and completed projects to show for it.

Service and Support

Before hiring a refractory contractor to handle your demolition, repair or reline job, you need to know what kind of service they will provide to you. Whether you’re in the chemical, steel, or iron industry, it’s important that the company you choose knows what they are doing and has been praised for the service they’ve provided to past customers. Look up reviews on the company to see who’s saying what and why. After all, any company itself can praise their own work to the moon and back, but don’t just take their word for it.

Safety Record

Safety on every job site is crucial. As most refractory work deals with all kinds of combustible, dangerous equipment items and environments like heaters, boilers, reformers, acid plants and refineries, it’s vital to choose a contractor you can trust to put their training and expertise to work for you. Be sure to review your contractor’s safety program, which should include what the employees are trained in, proper safety equipment use, and knowledge of and strict adherence to environmental and safety regulations.

On-Time Completion

When the contractor you hire doesn’t get the job done on time, neither do you – it’s that simple. Whether you need equipment at your acid plant repaired or a boiler system installed, it’s important for the project manager to keep you well informed of the progress they have been making. Whether they work during your business hours or after, they need to respect your time, property and production schedule. As the saying goes, time is money!

R.G. Smith Company meets all of these requirements with ease. As experts in refractory work, we’ve helped countless clients with projects large and small in the past, and our team’s more than 100 years of combined experience is exactly what you need for your next project. To learn more about our refractory services, call us today in Canton at 330-456-3415 or at our Mansfield office at 419-524-4778.


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