Reviewing the Three Common Types of Concrete Foundations

The key to any good construction project is a good foundation, especially when it comes to concrete. However, when it comes to concrete foundations, there are a few different options to consider. Let’s examine the three most commonly used types of foundations with the help of Concrete Network.

Concrete FoundationT-Shape

A T-shape foundation is typically used in places where the ground freezes, like here in Ohio. These foundations use a footing that is placed below the frost line in the ground and concrete walls are then dropped in on top to complete the shape of the concrete area. The way the foot and wall are placed in the ground makes a T, which offers more base support for the foundation. Once the walls are up, the concrete is poured into the area between the walls to firm up the foundation.

Slab-On-Grade Foundation

Where a T-shape foundation would be used in an area where the ground freezes, slab-on-grade is more common where the ground doesn’t freeze. The slab – a single layer of concrete that’s several inches thick – is poured with extra concrete added around the edges to form a footing space. This also helps reinforce the strength of rods that are inserted along the edge of the slab. A wire mesh casting can also help offer greater durability and resilience, while insulation can be added to make this a more viable option in areas with some frost heaving concerns.

Frost Protected

A frost protected foundation only works within a heated structure and, as the name suggests, it works best when trying to prevent freezing altogether. This style uses two sheets of polystyrene insulation to hold heat in the footings and minimize the heat loss through the edges of the poured concrete slab. Doing this also helps keep the slab stationary and reduces the risk of cracking from a shifting slab.

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