Using Stainless Steel For Tanks


Ohio Industrial Sheet Metal & Stainless Steel FabricationFor industries that utilize large tanks for storing liquid, gases, food or bulk materials, one material works better than the rest, stainless steel.  Pharmaceutical companies, and industries like food and beverage producers, agriculture, sewage and wastewater all rely on large tanks made with stainless steel to hold their containments, but why do we manufacture them out of stainless steel?


The R.G. Smith Company has stood for quality craftsmanship in custom stainless steel fabrications. Companies favor the material for storage tanks because of their easy use and flexibility.  We can custom fabricate a tank to fit most spaces and most industries for specific containments.  Stainless steel is great because it prevents corrosion and keeps the containments safe from going spoiled or contamination. For hazardous materials, it’s ideal. You don’t need hazardous materials being stored in a container or tank with a possibility of leakage or corrosion. Stainless steel can also withstand extreme temperatures, so for some industries it makes great sense.


We construct tanks in a cylindrical shape for any sized purpose. They may range from relatively small (one gallon tanks) to industrial-size tanks that are capable of holding thousands of gallons. Another great part about using RG Smith Company is our project management. We start with the initial design and overview the fabrication and final installation to make sure every part of the process runs smoothly. For stainless steel tanks, we provide a superior product and efficient turnaround on virtually any size or type.



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