Category: Steel Frame Construction

A Beginner’s Guide to Steel Fabrication

Almost 2 million tons of steel are produced every year. You can find steel, which is an alloy manufactured by mixing iron and carbon, in everything from skyscrapers to pieces of artwork. Yet, most people don’t have the slightest clue how steel is fabricated. Here is a beginner’s guide to help you understand the process…. Read more »

The Advantages of Steel Frame Construction

Most people associate steel with building skyscrapers, hangars, and other large buildings. However, the truth is you can use steel frame construction to put together just about any structure, since steel holds numerous advantages over other building materials. Check out the benefits of steel frame construction below. It’ll allow you to build your structure quickly…. Read more »

Expanding or Reorganizing? Let Us Help

As a business owner, expanding or reorganizing your building or plant can be a headache. There are many factors to consider and finding a reliable contractor is a tough task. But, don’t worry – RG Smith Company is here to help! Through high quality steel erection services, RG Smith will help you improve your facility… Read more »

AISC Names IDEAS2 Winners

The American Institute of Steel Construction recently named the winners of the 2015 Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel awards program, known as IDEAS2. This program honors excellence in steel-frame building design and is the highest honor bestowed on building projects by the structural steel industry in the United States. If you… Read more »

Thinking of Expanding? Now’s the Time to Start Planning

Expanding your business during the winter season can be tough, especially when it comes to literally expanding your building. Whether you’ve been thinking about adding on to your existing property or starting from scratch at another location, winter weather often brings construction projects to a halt or makes them take longer than they need to…. Read more »

Planning an Expansion? Let Us Help!

While it’s unfortunate to hear, your industrial building isn’t going to last forever. However, we’re not saying that you have to tear it down and start from scratch. Whether your company has expanded and outgrown your existing space or if you have an older building with areas that are in need or repair or updates,… Read more »

Construction Workers Deserve Safe Work Environment

The health and safety of all construction workers should be of the utmost importance to every construction and contracting organization around the globe. Owners and foremen should put the interest of the workers and their safety above all else. Unfortunately, not all organizations value these principles the same.   The standards prescribed by the United… Read more »

The Differences in Wood & Steel Frame Construction

There are advantages to structures designed on both wood and steel framing. Different structural sizes and budgets are fundamental to deciding on the appropriate building material. But whatever’s practical for your purposes determines the best material for your structure.   Large facilities requiring expansive space are better suited for the strength of steal I-beam construction,… Read more »