Planning an Expansion? Let Us Help!

While it’s unfortunate to hear, your industrial building isn’t going to last forever. However, we’re not saying that you have to tear it down and start from scratch. Whether your company has expanded and outgrown your existing space or if you have an older building with areas that are in need or repair or updates, R.G. Smith Company can help. With our steel erection and plant maintenance services, we can ensure your existing building is ready to support your employees and your operation.

Planning an expansion can be a tricky and expensive process if not done correctly. Not only can the construction work being performed interfere with your daily operations, but remodeling or adding on to a building can become expensive, especially if the process goes on for too long and costs you additional labor for workers, lost labor from your employees or lost customers while waiting for repaired or expanded space to run your equipment or machinery. Fortunately, we have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who will work with you to sort everything out before the construction even begins.

Our steel erection experts can aid in everything from minor plant repairs to complete building overhauls. Whether you want to make upgrades and enhancements to an existing space or build an addition on to the existing structure, we can help you improve, expand or repair as needed. With our experts working with you from the initial design stages to the final days of construction, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that the whole project will get done the right way and right on schedule.

Our steel erection and plant maintenance services include things like equipment setting, roof sheeting, reinforcing bar installation and so much more. No matter what type of commercial or industrial building you own in Ohio, we want to help make sure it stands the test of time and is ready for everything your company needs. To learn more about our services or discuss what you might have in mind, contact us today.

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