Clearing the Dust on Dust Collectors

If you own, run or manage an industrial workplace, you probably know about the issues that dust can cause. Having a high level of dust in your environment can be messy and harmful to your health, and can even cause production problems due to product contamination. Luckily, there are dust collection systems that can aid in alleviating any potential dust problems.

What are dust collectors and what can they do for you? Here are a few important facts about these essential systems.

Dust CollectorWhat Is a Dust Collector?

In general, a dust collector is a system that uses vacuum pressure and airtight systems to rid a manufacturing environment of dust, helping to ensure a higher air quality within industrial, commercial and home environments.

How Do They Work?

There are three components to any dust collection system – the ability to capture, convey and collect.

The most important step is collecting the dust, and this is done with the aid of devices such as capture hoods which work to pull in dust at its point of origin. Next, the system must carry this dust through a ducting system that provides a consistent air velocity to keep the dust suspended. This is important because if the dust is allowed to settle, ducts can quickly become constricted and clogged with dust, leading to lower efficiency and even failure of the system.

Finally, the dust is blown into one of several different final separation systems. This could be a cyclonic separator that spins dust out to the sides or a simple pass-through filter that collects the dust. Requirements may differ from industry to industry and the type of dust that is gathered, as well.

What Types of Dust Collectors Are There?

There are numerous type of dust collection systems out there and the choice of device simply comes down to the kind of dust issue you are dealing with.

The most basic type of dust collection system is a simple vacuum which provides the suction necessary to perform the air filtration. There are also two-stage systems which separate the fine dust from the larger pieces of debris. Often, a dust collector can be part of a bigger management program such as a series of large filtration units mounted to the ceiling.

Why Is Removing Dust Important?

Most people know the danger of inhaling dust, but the effects of breathing in this debris can be downright deadly. Inhaling too much dust can cause a number of diseases, ranging from chronic bronchitis to cancer. Some wood dust contains chemicals that can harm the lungs and cause severe damage that often cannot be reversed, while other types of dust from metal construction or other materials can lead to long-lasting impacts to a person’s health.

Dust removal is also important for specialized industries, like food preparation and computing. Dust can post a health hazard and possibly contaminate foods being prepared, or can lead to manufacturing defects and severe equipment failure if allowed into an electronics cleanroom.

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