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A Beginner’s Guide to Steel Fabrication

A Beginner’s Guide to Steel Fabrication

Steel FabricationAlmost 2 million tons of steel are produced every year. You can find steel, which is an alloy manufactured by mixing iron and carbon, in everything from skyscrapers to pieces of artwork. Yet, most people don’t have the slightest clue how steel is fabricated. Here is a beginner’s guide to help you understand the process.

Step 1: A steel structure is designed.

Before a company can start the process of fabricating steel, it’s important for the company to work with whoever is ordering it to come up with a design for it. Many steel fabricators use Computer Assisted Design programs to map out what a steel structure is going to look like when it’s all done. This allows everyone to get on the same page. It also allows a steel fabrication company to pass along accurate blueprints for steel structures to their metalworkers so that they can complete the next step.

Step 2: A steel structure is created.

After clear plans are in place for a steel structure, metalworkers will begin the process of creating it. Metalworkers will use a variety of tools that are capable of bending and reshaping steel to fabricate the steel structures that have been requested. These tools rely on heat, pressure, and even force to alter the shape of steel. The metalworkers also use CNC equipment that is specifically designed to create steel components quickly by making cuts and bending steel with precision.

Step 3: A steel structure is finished and assembled.

Once a steel structure has been shaped, steel fabricators can finish off the process by adding the final touches to it. In some cases, a client will request for steel to be painted or sandblasted. In others, pieces of steel will need to be welded together. The goal is for a steel fabricator to deliver a finished product to a customer so that they can put it into place after it’s delivered to them.

Steel fabrication should only be conducted by those with a wealth of experience. If you need steel services completed, R.G. Smith Company would be more than happy to provide you with them. We can design and fabricate almost anything using steel. Call us at 330-456-3415 or 419-524-4778 to find out how we can help you.


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