Contractor Jobsite Safety Measures

jobsite safetyConstruction work can be considered anything but fully safe. Dizzying heights, powerful machinery and sharp tools make for an environment not exactly suited for a child. The employers are required by law to oversee the safety and security of their workers. But the workers need to keep in mind a lot of precautions themselves when working in such hazardous conditions.


Caution Around Electricity/Equipment
Construction sites require a lot of electrical installations, especially lifting equipment mostly involves electricity and weights. This requires operators to be extra cautious, paying mind to any wear and tear and to follow safety precautions. If you are using plugged-in portable devices, such as grinders or drills, you should always check that the cables are protected, the metal casing is grounded.

Maintain Fencing and Prevent Fires
Notice the number of fatal injuries and falls that happen in areas where there is no fencing. Dangerous areas that you see without fencing or with broken and damaged fencing should be avoided until they are completely repaired or a proper fencing is in place. If this is not happening in time, inform your site supervisor immediately.
With the machinery that is present, along with combustible chemicals and welding operations, there is always a possibility of fire on a construction site. Be alert and take some measures to prevent them. Open flames should be kept away from construction sites because of the presence of flammable materials (especially on oil rig sites).

Double-Check Work Areas
Scaffolds are an integral part of most construction sites and are associated with a high number of injuries. So when you are going to be working on them, you must ensure your safety first. And never work on an incomplete scaffold which does not have a strong platform or base.

Keep First Aid Close
Both the site supervisor and contractor should ensure that first aid is always accessible to the workers. If as a worker you find that first aid you will need is not around, inform your supervisor immediately. Basic first aid for minor burns, cuts, and falls should be available on site so that the required medical assistance can be provided to the workers immediately.

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