Steps Contractors Take on Renovations

renovationPreparation is fundamental for every project. Flying blindly head-long into most things is not advisable, especially when it involves any degree of financial investment. Adequate preparation and planning will ensure you are rewarded sufficient return on investment for your hard-earned property renovation or addition.


Establish a Budget, Enlist an Expert
Once you have an idea of what’s realistic, establish a firm budget. Then make sure you find a reputable expert in renovations, enlisting your local chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). In order to qualify for membership, businesses must have satisfactory records with the Better Business Bureau and be properly licensed and insured.

Set Flexible Priorities, Communicate
Deciding what your must-haves are must be communicated with your contractor from the beginning. If you need canned recessed lighting, then be sure to tell your contractor this before he installs a new ceiling. This will save you money and your contractor money.


On the same token, while it’s crucial to stick as closely to the original plan as possible, people should realize there will be some changes throughout the process. The property owner should always expect the unexpected and be willing to adjust accordingly.


Weather this means adjusting your original vision for the space or be willing to spend a little more than what was originally quoted, adaptability is a must. This could include such reasons as misfitting counter tops that need retrofitting to unseen water damage requiring a complete ripout.

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