Keeping Pipes from Freezing at Your Industrial Facility

Frozen Pipes Although the winter months do have their little charms, there are downsides. Freezing temperatures and inescapable ice can cause all kinds of havoc, especially with your pipes. Pipes don’t just freeze at home, and business plumbing is just as susceptible to this frustrating and sometimes very costly issue.

Frozen pipes can happen in any plumbing – not just water pipes. There are countless other substances and chemicals that are transported within a facility, some of which can cause serious work stoppages or even hazardous situations if the pipes freeze and burst. With that in mind, what can you do to ensure that your pipes are kept pristine and free flowing?

The First Step Is to Check

Sure, you may be ahead of the curve and regularly check your pipes for damage during the winter, but are you catching those hidden pipes that are just as threatened? It is important to remember that the cold temps outside can infiltrate the areas in your building that you may not often find yourself or able to readily see, including roof spaces, storage areas and closets. Before you can do any preventative maintenance, be sure to check the status of all of your pipes, wherever they are run.

Maintain a Minimum Temperature

If you have an area in your building that you know gets colder than other parts, be proactive and keep the temperature higher in those spaces. By ensuring that even the coldest areas of your building reach a minimum temperature of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you can help prevent problems from forming in the first place. Some of these problem areas include spaces with fire pump houses, dry-pipe valves and wet-pipe sprinkler systems. Consider using a space heater in those areas on extremely cold days or look into some modern solutions, such as heat tape, that can keep heat on pipes through cold zones with a small electrical current.

Protect Your Sprinkler Systems

If your building has a sprinkler system, then you need to be extra cautious of pipes freezing. Take note of any branch lines that may be subject to extreme cold and be proactive as you insulate them. The last thing you want to do is shut up your facility on a Friday morning only to return Monday to find that pipes have burst, drenching your facility – and all the equipment, records and everything else – following an unexpected burst pipe. If your building is protected by wet sprinklers and the heating is lost, be sure to restore the heat immediately.

Start With High-Quality Pipes from RG Smith Company

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