Impact And Evolution Of Steel Erection On Building

Last blog post we talked about the iconic structures that have used steel. The evolution has continued to grow and more and more utilize the strength of steel when erecting walls and buildings. Steel is a huge division for R.G. Smith Company. For our industrial projects, it has become a huge component of our conventional and pre-engineered buildings. Steel allows us to meet the deadlines of schedule driven projects of today.


R.G. Smith Company offers the design build capability from concept to completion, or just the erection of your project. For architecture, the introduction of steel was a milestone events and the development of construction methods with iron and steel grew enormously. Without it, our company would not exist.


Because of steel erection and the use of these materials, we can construct stronger, taller and better buildings while ultimately using fewer materials like stone or brick. Here’s a look at how the evolution of steel and its impact had changed the concept of the wall, support and structures across the world and even here in Ohio.


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