The Benefits of a Concrete Foundation

Most homes in the United States are built on concrete slabs. There are a few great reasons for this; they are inexpensive, mostly weather-proof, and easily installed. Concrete is also termite proof, which is highly important in many areas of the country that are still populated with many older homes built on wood foundations now riddled with termites.


Concrete foundations offer a multitude of benefits for the property owner. Concrete is extremely stable and provides firm and sound support because it is so durable. It will almost never need to be replaced and therefore often lasts the property owner many decades without need of repair. Also, concrete, unlike wood foundations, can withstand the damaging effects of fire and water, which are two elements that can destroy a wood foundation very easily. In many home fires, having a concrete foundation can even help to o contain a fire, which can keep it from spreading dangerously throughout the home.


Ohio Concrete Foundations & Concrete FlatworkA perhaps overlooked but very important benefit to building on concrete instead of wood is that concrete is a natural thermal conductor. It will store heat during the day and then release it back into the home at night when the temperature outside begins to drop, which can save a homeowner a lot of money in heating costs.


There are also frost-protected foundations. Though they are similar to t-shaped foundations, they differ in that they also have insulated edges, perfect for heated homes and buildings in very cold climates like here in Ohio.

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