Refractory Repairs? No Problem!

Refractory RepairsWe understand that not every company has the in-house experience and resources need to perform refractory repairs. Fortunately, the team at R.G. Smith Company can take care of everything for you. We have years of experience providing specialized repair services across a wide range of industries, and we’ve worked on projects both large and small. Whether you manage a chemical plant, run an iron or steel company, or even own a cement business, we offer refractory repair services for any situation.

Our refractory repairs include many different types of services including total rebuilds, demolitions, plastic ramming, shotcrete installation and other custom jobs. We can tailor each and every one of these services to the specific needs of your business and industry, and we always work fast when you call upon us for help. Without reliable refractory services, we know that your operations won’t run as smoothly as you need them to, which is why we work quickly to repair any problems for you and get you back to full capacity again.

The team at R. G. Smith Company can also work within your current system to perform everything from patch boiler repairs to acid brick and coating repairs. Our acid brick and coating services cover pickling tubs, mechanical pits and just about any other type of structural repairs you may need.

Another refractory service that we offer is fiber installation for industrial furnaces. With ceramic fiber, you can make sure you have the heating power required to get the job done, while also remaining efficient and sustainable. We can complete this service in others in a timely manner while keeping your plant and employees safe.

This is only a quick look at a small sample of our refractory capabilities. Browse our website to learn more about our refractory services, or give us a call at either our Canton or Mansfield location to speak with a member of the R.G. Smith Company team today.

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