Tough Winter? Spring Maintenance for Your Building’s Roof

Roofing Maintenance With the last couple weeks of winter approaching, that means nicer weather is on the way. However, that also means the roofing on our companies buildings has taken some punishment from the cold season, especially here in Ohio where we experience extreme weather changes during the winter. So before any damage that has occurred turns into a big problem, it might be a good idea to have some maintenance performed on your building’s roof.

First off, you should inspect your building’s gutters. Dirty or clogged gutters are failing to remove water or other small items from your roof, which can ultimately lead to the shortening of its lifespan – especially with ice dams, which can be a serious problem in the winter. If there is anything in your gutters, remove it by hand and then proceed to clean it completely with a quick power wash. Afterwards, inspect the whole system to look for any loose or rusty areas. If there are, tighten them or get them replaced as soon as possible.

Keep in mind to also check nearby trees and make sure to trim back any long branches that may be contributing to your gutters clogging faster than normal. If they grow too long and aren’t trimmed, it can lead to some big problems with your gutters and your roofing. Plus, removing these branches now will prevent leaves, seeds or any other items from making their way from the trees back into your gutters next fall.

Also be sure to check the flashing on your roof as well. These are the metal strips that seal gaps and prevent water from getting underneath shingles or metal sections of the roof. Flashings can become loose from wind and snow storms, so it’s important to look after winter has passed to make sure that they haven’t been loosened to some degree. If it appears they are beyond repair, give a call and let us come out and perform an assessment to determine the best course of action.

R.G. Smith Company offers a wide variety of roofing services throughout Ohio, as well as sheet metal fabrications, industrial steel projects and much more. Whether your roof needs repairs or needs to be replaced all together, we can help. To learn more about our services, call us today at the Canton office at 330-456-3415 or in Mansfield at 419-524-4778!

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