Replacing your roof

rooferYour home is the sacred ground in which you live. You come home to it every day from long days at work or grueling hours spent at school and relax to forget about everything else. Your roof is what protects you and your home from everything you don’t want inside, such as the elements.



Letting your roof sit atop your house for too long could compromise its ability to protect and replacing it may be imminent. The first step, is to pick up the phone and call a professional. This is because there are so many variables going into replacing a roof, not to mention the issue of personal safety.



A professional will not only efficiently and adequately replace your roof, but will also cover and protect the rest of your house. This means covering the siding, walls, windows, etc. with some type of plywood and tarp. Once this is done, the roofing company will begin removing the old roofing material. This allows them to not only replace it with newer material, but also inspect the wood decking. Any type of soft, wet or rotted out wood needs to be replaced in order to create a solid base for your new roofing structure.
With the exposed decking, the roofing company can then install drip edging and ice/water shields. This will ensure that no dripping or ice melting results in getting under the roof and causing leaks in your home. The last thing you want is to install a new roof just to have leaks in your home all the time and create more maintenance work for yourself.



Finally, once the base is all finished, a professional roofer can install the new roofing material, offering your home new protection and a better curb appeal. When all is said and done, a quality roofer will then thoroughly clean up the work site and give the roof one last final inspection.

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