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Thinking of Converting to Natural Gas? We Can Help!

*Businesses across the country use a variety of ways to heat their building. Some may use electric or propane systems, while others may use natural gas. If you are one of the many owners who have thought about switching over to natural gas but are unsure if it’s the right choice for you, some recent… Read more »

Have Additions and Improvements Built Economically

There are plenty of ways to have additions built or home improvements completed with economically-forward objectives. Aside from the obvious—shopping around for the contractor who can give you the best estimate – you can take some initiative yourself, rather than respond to an invoice with your money. For starters, know you may not have to… Read more »

Why Some Southern States Don’t Have Basements

Homeowners in most of the country are surprised when they come to southern states and learn many homes don’t have basements. And considering the immense percentage of homes with basements that are finished, this tends to illicit plenty of questions.   Basements were originally designed as a storage space for water, wine and food. Being… Read more »

Steps Contractors Take on Renovations

Preparation is fundamental for every project. Flying blindly head-long into most things is not advisable, especially when it involves any degree of financial investment. Adequate preparation and planning will ensure you are rewarded sufficient return on investment for your hard-earned property renovation or addition.     Establish a Budget, Enlist an Expert Once you have… Read more »

The Ever Changing Construction Industry

Thanks in great part to a booming economy, construction sites are everywhere you look nowadays. Urban landscapes in cities from coast to coast are unrecognizable from what they were even a couple months ago. As the cranes go up to change the face of skylines around the country, the construction industry itself is changing as… Read more »

Why You Need a Building Permit

Building permits keep people safe protect the homeowner, builder and occupants. Requiring a degree of construction standards to reduce the risk of damages from fire, structural integrity and workmanship, getting a permit for building is not an option. Permits ensure that contractors use the right materials and don’t cut corners that can later cause injury… Read more »

The Importance of a Well-Engineered Conveyor Belt System

Conveyor belts are common pieces of plant equipment, whose value is often overlooked, unless they break down or cause issues with the product. A simple problem with a conveyor belt system can cause seriously delay and even halt production, which is a major problem for any manufacturer.   Conveyor belts are not easy to maintain…. Read more »

Why Should I Use A Duro-last Roofing System?

Choosing the right commercial roofing material can be a difficult process, but RG Smith contractors is here to help you achieve the right results. Roofing for a commercial or industrial application demands our company be a multifaceted provider of both quality and dependable roofing options. Our goal is to offer you multiple options to meet… Read more »

How A Dust Collection System Works

  A dust collection system is used most commonly in an industrial, commercial or home production shop to improve the air quality in the working environment. It will improve the breathable air and increase safety by removing particles from the air and environment. Through sheet metal fabrication we have constructed dust collection systems for various… Read more »