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When to Worry About Foundation Cracks

Finding a crack in your building’s foundation can be scary, and immediately makes you worry about the safety of your structure and the people inside of it – not to mention the potentially huge expense of fixing a foundation. Some cracks, though, are nothing to worry about, while others do need immediate attention. How do… Read more »

The Differences in Wood & Steel Frame Construction

There are advantages to structures designed on both wood and steel framing. Different structural sizes and budgets are fundamental to deciding on the appropriate building material. But whatever’s practical for your purposes determines the best material for your structure.   Large facilities requiring expansive space are better suited for the strength of steal I-beam construction,… Read more »

Structural Stability Lies in Concrete Foundation

Every step from initial excavation to pouring the concrete is essential when building a foundation or structure platform. When properly executed, pouring a foundation will stay watertight regardless of the conditions outside and could last generations without costing you a dime in repair. The foundation is the most important component to a building’s stability. The… Read more »