The Foundation to a Happy Home Starts from the Ground

A correctly poured cement foundation is the cornerstone to any solid building foundation. Making sure this is the most professionally installed component to your home is crucial to your happiness and saving you a lot of money. This will determine how stable your investment can possibly remain and for how long.

A crumbling foundation, whether from poor craftsmanship or adverse moisture conditions, presents to you and your family a very dangerous situation. Beyond the obvious stability of your structure, a crumbling foundation compromises the air health the entire structure.

Conditions below ground are much damper than they are above. And with foundations often laid below ground- at least partially- when they crack and crumble, this moisture undermines the foundation barrier. This issue presents a twofold dilemma; not only does the moisture create a dangerous opportunity for black mold to grow- it also allows more moisture to even further compromise the barrier.

When enlisting substandard foundation repair specialists, you are likely to face the same issues in the near future. The ground under your foundation, for example, may have never been compacted and the proper footings may have never been put in place. Also, not preparing the soil properly and compacting backfill will cause unwanted settling.

Also testing the soil for potentially detrimental components to a foundation, such as high salinity, is a crucial measure. If any of these steps are skipped or if substandard materials are used, this could be the reason your foundation is crumbling or at risk. So ensuring the contractor you hire to pour or replace your crumbling foundation is certified and legitimate is of utmost importance.

There are many components to your house or building you can cut corners. Hiring off an internet ad or getting a college kid to paint your siding, install your gutters or nail down a few loose boards on your back patio is fine. But when you are literally building or repairing a foundation to literally support your life and family members, make sure you only hire the most certified, qualified contractor.

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