Tips to Help Prevent Freezing, Burst Pipes this Winter

Winter temperatures can plague industrial business owners with a swath of cold-weather problems. For example, your building may have a more difficult time keeping warm if you have a lot of traffic in and out. However, frosty temps outside – and even inside – can lead to a more troublesome issue: burst pipes.

Frozen PipeWhen the thermometer drops below freezing, exposed pipes or those placed in less than ideal locations can start to freeze – a serious problem that can lead to productivity problems, water damage and expensive repairs. However, there are a few options that can help keep your pipes flowing and thawed all winter long.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is a common practice that can be used in areas where the pipe still receives some warmth from the air, but may be subject to freezing without intervention. Pipes located along exterior walls are commonly insulated for this reason, as the insulation allows the ambient warmth of the pipe to be retained more readily than pipes exposed to the surrounding area. Wrapping pipes with insulation or using foam insulation designed to protect pipes can help keep frost issues at bay.

Heating Cables

Another option for keeping the temperatures warm in your pipes is heater cables. These devices affix to the side of pipes and transfer a low level of heat through direct contact with your plumbing fixtures. This keeps pipes at a consistently moderated temperature even when the mercury plummets, and gives you peace of mind that ice won’t form in your water lines or other piping.


A final choice is to relocate the positions of water or other plumbing lines entirely. Lines that are in hard-to-access locations, removed from consistent heating or plagued by problems season after season should be rerouted to get rid of issues for good. Depending on the circumstances at your building, pipes may be easily rerouted to a more central location or rerun to travel beneath floors to keep them better insulated while still out of the way of your operations.

At R.G. Smith Company, we have worked with countless companies to design new and creative solutions to alleviate freezing pipe problems. Let us help you keep your water lines and other plumbing from freezing this winter. Contact us today for more information.

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