Protecting or Repairing a Concrete Foundation from Moisture

Water, water everywhere … is the last thing you want to hear when it comes to your building’s foundation. A properly constructed concrete foundation will provide not only structural stability, but also prevent moisture from eroding walls or getting in to create an environment where mold and pests can thrive. While we build all of our foundations using precise construction methods that help them stand up to the extreme heat and cold that can wreak havoc on foundations, some older constructions may need to be repaired or reconstructed to keep your business protected.


Concrete CrackA common way of repairing foundations is to use grout to fill in gaps or repair cracks that may form over the years. This simple mixture is a cement mix, blended with sand and fine gravel that can get into these crevasses and prevent damages from getting worse. Properly made grout can provide a watertight seal, keeping moisture at bay, and can also strengthen the existing concrete in the surrounding area.


Applying specially designed waterproofing materials can also help keep your foundation dry and secure. Applying this material during foundation construction offers the most reliable and long-lasting protection, but if your foundation begins to show signs of problems after years of service, using an application of waterproofing material at the first symptom of trouble can prevent the situation from worsening.

However, if your foundation is showing more extensive damages – crumbling concrete, horizontal cracks or visible wet areas that are rarely dry – it may mean that you need serious, professional help. At R.G. Smith Company, we have generations of experience with foundation construction and repair, allowing us to help you correct problems – when possible – or provide a detailed quote on comprehensive rehabilitation or replacement when absolutely unavoidable. For more information, contact us today to discuss your specific situation.

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