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New Home Sales Figures Slipping

Among the most important dipsticks on the economic engine, new home sales nationwide staggered slightly in August. From the boomtowns to the Rust Belt, there was a lag in home construction output for a number of factors. The first of these factors being an apparent lag in spendable income. Down 3% from July, new home… Read more »

The Best Cities for House Flipping

American cities are changing from the outer rings to the urban centers, especially in the older, Northeast cities. Neighborhoods once with no money, and subsequently no tax base, now have taxable properties streaming revenue to city governments and enriching communities. This is thanks is great part to the affordable inner city housing and the increasing… Read more »

Development Nationwide Turning Back on Itself

The de-urbanization witnessed in this country has had a profound impact on the American psyche and culture. Suburbanization having first taken hold in the late 1940’s changed Americans’ perception of what it means to live in an urban setting, rural setting and suburban setting to this day.   During the Industrial Revolution of the 1800’s,… Read more »