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Handling Hail: Your Building’s Roof and Summer Storms

Summer hail storms are a common part of life in the summer. Vehicles can be stored in a garage to protect them from hail damage, but buildings are largely at the mercy of the weather. Fortunately, some roof styles handle hail storms better than others, but how well your roof handles hail depends on several… Read more »

Tough Winter? Spring Maintenance for Your Building’s Roof

With the last couple weeks of winter approaching, that means nicer weather is on the way. However, that also means the roofing on our companies buildings has taken some punishment from the cold season, especially here in Ohio where we experience extreme weather changes during the winter. So before any damage that has occurred turns… Read more »

The Earlier You Address Roof Repair the Better

Ensuring your building(s) are in top shape is always important. There are many aspects of your property you need to regularly inspect and maintain, especially your roof. Without proper roof upkeep, maintaining a safe, clean environment will pose difficult. Identifying early warning signs that your roof may be in need of replacement could save you… Read more »