The Earlier You Address Roof Repair the Better

Ensuring your building(s) are in top shape is always important. There are many aspects of your property you need to regularly inspect and maintain, especially your roof. Without proper roof upkeep, maintaining a safe, clean environment will pose difficult.

Identifying early warning signs that your roof may be in need of replacement could save you tons of money in water damage. There are a few telltale signs you roof is ready to go.

One of the most obvious signs of damage to your roof is loose or missing shingles. Whether you have old shingles on your roof or your property has been damaged in a recent storm, you should ensure this problem is fixed as soon as possible. Even if you just have shingles that are cracked or curled, this can mean your roof is not holding up to the elements.

Another important visual clue is if you see loose or missing nails around your roof. Missing nails mean unfilled holes. When it rains, water will obviously infiltrate the holes leading to inevitable water damage. While missing nails aren’t always easy to spot, regular inspections can help you identify any issues. For metal roofs, this means ever expanding rust holes while for wooden roofs this means inevitable saturation and subsequent swelling.  

When you’re roof is showing signs of warping and buckling, your roof is doomed for sure. This means a complete rip-off, rather than simply replacing sheet metal, shingles, tar or tar paper. Because this always means a higher price tag, you want to make sure you stay on top of the signs indicating your roof needs maintenance before it gets to this point.

Finally, one of the subtle signs is changes in your heating bill. If your rates have gone up for no apparent reason, you may want to look up. We all know hot air rises. And if the soundness of your roof has been compromised, the air you’re using to heat your home may be rising right up to the sky.

There are many obvious indications your roof is in need of repair. Staying on top of your roof maintenance is crucial to saving you and your business avoidable grief. Otherwise it’s like throwing money out the window… or roof.

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