The Ever Changing Construction Industry

construction siteThanks in great part to a booming economy, construction sites are everywhere you look nowadays. Urban landscapes in cities from coast to coast are unrecognizable from what they were even a couple months ago. As the cranes go up to change the face of skylines around the country, the construction industry itself is changing as well.



Increasingly, construction work requires more skilled work. It will always consist of a need for workers not afraid to use their hands, but construction contractors today more than ever are seeking project workers with basic knowledge in mathematics and engineering. The majorities of construction workers you see on a jobsite today are educated and/or have extensive experience in a trade.



In addition to having a more educated workforce on construction sites, they also receive better, more thorough safety training. Working in construction can be extremely dangerous to the inexperienced worker. But with more stringent and defined safety guidelines, the jobsites you walk by on a regular basis are also as safe as ever. This is because management teams are more enforcing than ever of risk management and safety programs.



This safer more educated jobsite environment in construction industry has opened the door to a more diverse workforce, namely consisting of more women. As more women join the construction industry, the stereotypical all-male, cat-calling construction site dwindles into extinction. Women are now treated equally to men in construction and actually have one of the more level playing fields-so to speak- when it comes to pay.

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