What is Grouting?

Grouting Masonry projects like setting tiles in a floor, or rocks in a wall, or larger projects like building industrial walls and floors, are very delicate procedures.  It is very important to set the tiles correctly and perform every step necessary to ensure the structure is stable and looks pleasing.  After you set the tiles, rocks, or basic foundation on the flat surface is when grouting becomes necessary.  Grouting is adding a tough and sticky cement/mortar mixture to the joints of the basic foundation.   This adds many different benefits to the structure.

Every day there are many elements attacking and slowly disintegrating a structure.  The sun’s heat and UV wears away material, in the winter the cold can crack and crystallize material, animals will chip away pieces, small insects will make any tiny hole their home, and random dirt and dust will accumulate in any opening available.  A good mason understands that the key to creating a stable structure is to preserve it correctly against the elements.

In addition, grouting adds the final structure that the wall needs.  It solidifies the base material, and gives the wall a finished look.

When mixing together a grouting product, make sure to use cold water and to keep the product as generally cool as possible.  Keep it inside (out of the sun) until you have to use it.  This will ensure that the grouting mixture doesn’t separate and become runny.  In between the joints of your wall, you want to apply a cold mixture so the wall and mixture stay in place.  Also, make sure to protect yourself when around grouting taking place.  Wear a facemask to make sure you don’t inhale any harmful particles, and wear gloves and long sleeve clothing so the material doesn’t get on your skin.

If you do not want to deal with the harmful risks of industrial grouting, or simply have no experience grouting, hire a specialist like RGS Contractors to do the job.  Grouting makes a structure stand — go to the right people to do it right.

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