What is Sheet Metal Used For?

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal has served many purposes over the centuries. Long ago, it was used to make body armor for men who needed to fight wars and wanted protection from enemies with swords.

Today, modern day sheet metal is used in the construction of many objects, as it’s readily available in thin, flat pieces (or coiled strips) and can be cut and bent into different shapes.

Sheet metal is like plastic—it’s an integral part of so many products and items people rely on each day to live life. You’ll find sheet metal in airplane wings and fuselages, car bodies, and medical tables. Pumps, valves, fan blades, duct work, and chemical processing equipment also use sheet metal. Don’t forget light reflectors, cabinets, storage tanks, gutters, and mail boxes—as you can see, sheet metal is ubiquitous and versatile.

In some communities, sheet metal is the predominant roofing material. In industrialized society, sheet metal is essential to millions of people. According to Pell Research, it’s a $20 billion dollar business in the USA, employing more than 100,000 workers.

Some of those workers are employed by R.G. Smith Company, with fabrication shops in Canton and Mansfield, OH. This American manufacturer specializes in custom industrial sheet metal for businesses. When companies in the food industry, for example, need quality food product transfer systems, R.G. Smith Company’s innovative workers design and build unique and useful conveying systems. In addition, they manufacture stainless steel storage tanks, environmental dust collection systems, and fabricated stack.

For sheet metal needs, call R.G. Smith Company’s Canton office at 330-456-3415 or their Mansfield office at 419-524-4778 to discuss how they can help your business.

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Sheet Metal

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