Why Track Record is Crucial When Selecting a Steel Rigging Company

25958229_SOn-site safety is an obvious concern for anyone involved in a project, especially when large equipment is being used. The majority of accidents concerning crane operation are due to human error. With the stakes so high, it is important that the company you select for your project properly performs rigging safety.

When a load is attached to the crane, the fine line between successfully lifting and having a potential accident is extremely thin. The best defensive measure is to be proactive and make sure that the rigging is properly mounted. This will drastically lower the risk of damaging the load, the crane, the operator, or a bystander.

Some companies take shortcuts by not hiring appropriately trained or experienced team members. This effectively puts the entire project at risk, both financially and ethically. Simple steps can be taken that will reduce the chances for accidents, which is why RG Smith Company is committed to safety.

We can analyze risk and stave off problems before they arise by performing efficient rigging safety practices. We avoid hazards by being aware of the environment, taking things like power lines and electrical equipment into consideration. Operations are stopped if weather becomes an issue. We select the correct sling, hitch, and hook for the task at hand. We look at load characteristics, including the load weight and the center of gravity. The attachment point is scrutinized to ensure a proper lift.

Horrible accidents can be avoided and lives can be saved by taking basic safety protocols seriously. RG Smith Company knows that taking shortcuts to complete a job will only result in potential danger and financial risk for ourselves and our clients.

Hiring a company that has a pristine rigging track record is the first step in having a successful construction project.

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