The Importance of a Well-Engineered Conveyor Belt System

Ohio Industrial Sheet MetalConveyor belts are common pieces of plant equipment, whose value is often overlooked, unless they break down or cause issues with the product. A simple problem with a conveyor belt system can cause seriously delay and even halt production, which is a major problem for any manufacturer.


Conveyor belts are not easy to maintain. They often require belt alignments or replacements and frequent care of the belt rollers. There are also many other small components of the system that require maintenance and repair. If the maintenance process is neglected, the integrity and quality of the product is jeopardized. When belts fall out of alignment, they can start to shred into tiny pieces and release small fibers that can contaminate the product.

The importance of keeping a conveyor belt in prime working condition cannot be overestimated. When fibers are released onto, or even into a product, they are too small to be seen, and once a product has been compromised through contamination, it can cost the plant a lot of money if the buyer rejects that product.

It is of great benefit to a plant to spend the time and money in the beginning to be certain that the engineering of the conveyor belt system is done properly. Though the conveyor belt may function well enough to get the product delivered to the customer in a satisfactory manner, if it is not functioning as efficiently as possible, production may be slower and much less cost-effective for the plant in the end.

What does it mean to make certain that the engineering of a conveyor belt system is done properly? According to many industry experts, the elimination of as many potential flaws in the system, as early as possible, is key to having a well-functioning and efficient conveyor belt system.

Manufacturing plants are successful if they can run like a well-oiled machine. Plants are actually selling “efficiency” and “machine time”, not product.

There have been many advances in recent years within the conveyor belt industry. This makes choosing the right manufacturer even more important. The conveyor belt is the lifeline of a plant, and if too much time and money is spent on frequent repairs, the overall bottom line is drastically affected. It is not only important that product is delivered to the buyers, but that it is also delivered, safely, uncontaminated and in a timely manner.

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