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Concrete vs. Cement – Knowing the Difference

Many people don’t know the difference between concrete and cement or use the two terms interchangeably. There are several distinct differences between the two substances, however. Let’s take a look at a few of the differentiating factors that make the two materials unique. For starters, cement is actually an ingredient of concrete, meaning cement is… Read more »

Protecting or Repairing a Concrete Foundation from Moisture

Water, water everywhere … is the last thing you want to hear when it comes to your building’s foundation. A properly constructed concrete foundation will provide not only structural stability, but also prevent moisture from eroding walls or getting in to create an environment where mold and pests can thrive. While we build all of… Read more »

Determining Factors in Cement Strength

Discrepancy and weak spots in concrete is mostly due to lacking uniformity in raw material. This could be thanks to different  supply source, thicker and thinner consistency being mixed from the same supply source and also even mixing cement from different areas in the same quarry.     Differences in details of the process of… Read more »

Preparations for a Building Foundation

Though building a concrete foundation should be left to the experts, getting an insider perspective is always helpful to understanding what goes into building your home.   Measuring the footprint of the ensuing building determine the volume of concrete needed, as does wall thickness determined by climate and water table in the area. Once a… Read more »

The Intricacies of Manual Building Demolition

Manual building demolition is more than just slamming a wrecking ball into a building. There is a lot that must go into preparation before the building can be taken down. The extent of what must be done to a building before it can be razed depends on many factors. These include but are not limited… Read more »

The Foundation to a Happy Home Starts from the Ground

A correctly poured cement foundation is the cornerstone to any solid building foundation. Making sure this is the most professionally installed component to your home is crucial to your happiness and saving you a lot of money. This will determine how stable your investment can possibly remain and for how long. A crumbling foundation, whether… Read more »

What is Grouting?

Masonry projects like setting tiles in a floor, or rocks in a wall, or larger projects like building industrial walls and floors, are very delicate procedures.  It is very important to set the tiles correctly and perform every step necessary to ensure the structure is stable and looks pleasing.  After you set the tiles, rocks,… Read more »

The Benefits of a Concrete Foundation

Most homes in the United States are built on concrete slabs. There are a few great reasons for this; they are inexpensive, mostly weather-proof, and easily installed. Concrete is also termite proof, which is highly important in many areas of the country that are still populated with many older homes built on wood foundations now… Read more »

The Benefits Of Using Concrete Pavements

  Parking lots and surfaces are generally divided into two different types, concrete and asphalt. Most of the time it comes down to cost, but aside from the difference in price, each option offers different pros and cons.  Take some of these benefits into consideration when you’re looking to have a surface paved.   Concrete… Read more »

Concrete Vs. Steel

  Selecting the proper construction material is the first step to having a successful project. One of the most deliberated questions that builders ask themselves is if they should use steel or concrete. The pros and cons of each material can affect the cost, schedule, and quality of the final product.   Known as the… Read more »