Why Should I Use A Duro-last Roofing System?

Choosing the right commercial roofing material can be a difficult process, but RG Smith contractors is here to help you achieve the right results. Roofing for a commercial or industrial application demands our company be a multifaceted provider of both quality and dependable roofing options. Our goal is to offer you multiple options to meet… Read more »

The Benefits of a Concrete Foundation

Most homes in the United States are built on concrete slabs. There are a few great reasons for this; they are inexpensive, mostly weather-proof, and easily installed. Concrete is also termite proof, which is highly important in many areas of the country that are still populated with many older homes built on wood foundations now… Read more »

Impact And Evolution Of Steel Erection On Building

Last blog post we talked about the iconic structures that have used steel. The evolution has continued to grow and more and more utilize the strength of steel when erecting walls and buildings. Steel is a huge division for R.G. Smith Company. For our industrial projects, it has become a huge component of our conventional… Read more »

Celebrating the Use of Stainless Steel

Today, we’re accustomed to seeing stainless steel.  Structures, silverware, jewelry and other common items use stainless steel as their primary material because of its versatility and usefulness.  For RGS Contractors, our projects are a lot smaller of a scale then some of the iconic stainless steel structures we’ve seen across the world, but still, the… Read more »

Steel VS. Wood Framing

For many years, most houses were built with lumber being the most popular material with which to frame homes. Although steel framing has been used in construction, its use has previously been limited to mostly commercial building projects. With lumber becoming less available and issues of sustainability surrounding concern over the environment and the cutting… Read more »

Using Stainless Steel For Tanks

  For industries that utilize large tanks for storing liquid, gases, food or bulk materials, one material works better than the rest, stainless steel.  Pharmaceutical companies, and industries like food and beverage producers, agriculture, sewage and wastewater all rely on large tanks made with stainless steel to hold their containments, but why do we manufacture… Read more »

The Benefits Of Using Concrete Pavements

  Parking lots and surfaces are generally divided into two different types, concrete and asphalt. Most of the time it comes down to cost, but aside from the difference in price, each option offers different pros and cons.  Take some of these benefits into consideration when you’re looking to have a surface paved.   Concrete… Read more »

Concrete Vs. Steel

  Selecting the proper construction material is the first step to having a successful project. One of the most deliberated questions that builders ask themselves is if they should use steel or concrete. The pros and cons of each material can affect the cost, schedule, and quality of the final product.   Known as the… Read more »

How A Dust Collection System Works

  A dust collection system is used most commonly in an industrial, commercial or home production shop to improve the air quality in the working environment. It will improve the breathable air and increase safety by removing particles from the air and environment. Through sheet metal fabrication we have constructed dust collection systems for various… Read more »

Steel Structure In London To Leave A Lifetime Impression

  Structural steel is erected across the world daily. It provides a foundation for many of the buildings and structures we see all over. More infrequently, however, we see steel structures purposefully constructed to leave a lasting impression. They often become iconic structures, tourist destinations and national landmarks, like the Eifel Tower or Statue Of… Read more »